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College2Consulting Virtual - From anywhere in the world

Interviewing for highly competitive consulting positions is intense and can feel overwhelming. We’ve helped undergraduates all of the country get the skills, knowledge and experience that has been proven to result in an offer.

College2Consulting Virtual offers the same proven content and course structure we teach in the classroom at top universities, resulting in 100% of  students receiving an offer to a top tier consulting firm, but available completely virtually. Interact digitally with the instructor and students from across the country over a scheduled 7 week program.

Course Overview

After registering you will be taken to a dedicated classroom site where each week the instructor will post that week's class content and exercises.

Each class consists of several modules made up of  short 5-10 minute videos covering a specific element of the consulting interview process, with real world examples, tips and best practices. Each video is followed by specific exercises to be completed, graded and returned prior to the next class. A dedicated classroom forum allows students to pose questions, form study groups and interact directly with the instructor. 

Each week you'll receive an email alerting that material has been posted. Once available, you are free to consume that week's content and work on the excercises at your own pace, provided you complete the assignments by the given deadline to allow for 1 on 1 feedback.  

Through weekly videos, exercises, interactive forums, and 1 on 1 interactions with the instructor, you'll master the skills required to confidently excel in consulting interview

Upcoming Sections


Course Outline

Class 1: Overview of the Consulting Interview Process
1.1: How the Process Works - The Typical Recruiting Cycle
1.2: What Are Recruiters Looking For?
1.3: 3 Things Required to Get an Offer
1.4: Approach for the College2Consulting Course

Class 2: Nail the Case - Part 1: An Intro to Case Interviews
2.1: What is a Case Interview and Why Will it Determine if Your Are Offered a Job?
2.2: Everything You Need to Know to Nail the Case

Class 3: Nail the Case - Part 2: Foundational Skills
3.1: An Introduction to the Frameworks and Roadmaps that are the Lifeblood of your Case
3.2: Conducting a Crack Competitive Analysis
3.3: How to Size a Market Using 3 Proven Approaches
3.4: Understanding the Profitability Equation
3.5: Finance 101
3.6: Identifying and Dealing with Risk

Class 4: Nail the Case - Part 3: Typical Case Interview Situations
4.1: Your Client has a Growth Problem...
4.2: Your Client is Facing New Competitors...
4.3: Your Client is Considering a Major New Acquisition...
4.4: Your Client Wants you to Solve Their Pricing Issue...

Class 5: Standing Out in the Behavioral Interview
5.1: What You Need to Do in Order to Stand Out in the Behavioral Interview
5.2: How to Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise (Even When You Don't Have Any)
5.3: The STAR Method for Telling Engaging and Memorable Stories
5.4: Typical Behavioral Questions You're Guaranteed to Hear and How NOT to Respond

Class 6: Getting an Invitation to the Interview
6.1: Structuring Your Resume to Highlight the Exact Right Strengths
6.2: Crafting a Concise Cover Letter that Makes You a No-Brainer
6.3: Networking Strategies and Tactics to Ensure Your Name is at the Top of the List

Class 7: Wrapping Up and Landing the Offer
7.1: What to Consider When Choosing a Firm
7.2: Setting Yourself Up for Success: Your Study Guide Between Now and the Interview
7.3: Congratulations! You Have an Offers: How to Accept on Your Terms
7.4: Congratulations! You Have Two Offers: How to Decline an Offer While Keeping Your Options Open