The average starting salary for a management consultant is $70,000

College2Consulting costs less than 0.5% of that

  • 7+ hours of case interview classes and best practices
  • Short, engaging videos allow you to internalize one specific subject at a time

  • Real life examples demonstrate exactly what its like to be in the interview

  • Interactive drills and exercises make case and behavioral questions second nature

  • Performance tracking that enable you to focus on your most critical areas



Course Overview

Registering provides access to the dedicated classroom site where the entire College2Consulting course is available through self paced learning modules. Every module contains a short series of 5-10 minute videos covering a specific element of the consulting interview process, with real world examples, tips and best practices. Each video is followed by specific exercises and a step by step practice schedule to ensure you build the skills and confidence to nail the interview.

The best part? There is no wait, you can get started immediately and go as fast or as slow as you need.

What You'll Learn

Getting an offer comes down to three 3 basic requirements

  1. Getting in the door
  2. Standing out during the behavioral interview
  3. Nailing the case

College2Consulting breaks down each, giving you insider knowledge, practical advise and  tactical skills to crush any interview. We know this because, in addition to being professional consultants, we've pulled in the expertise of professional consultants, recruiters and former students who were in your exact same position.

Think of it like your personal mentor, walking you through the process, telling you exactly what you need to know and how to do it.


The starting salary for a new college graduate going into consulting averages $70,000 a year. Because of this, similar interview prep services typically charge between $1,000-$3,000, which is certainly reasonable given the income and prestige that comes with a job at a top firm.

However, we want to help all students realize their dream of becoming a consultant, so we've made College2Consulting On Demand available for just $297.  

Course Outline

Getting Started

Module 1: Everything You Need to Know About the Consulting Interview Process

  • 3 Things Required to Get an Offer
  • How the Process Works - The Typical Recruiting Cycle
  • What Are Recruiters Looking For?

How to Nail the Case

Module 2: An Intro to Case Questions and How to Structure Them

  • What is a Case Interview and Why Will it Determine if Your Are Offered a Job?
  • How to Utilize a Framework to Structure and Solve any Case
  • Insider Tips and Tricks to Nail the Case

Module 3: Market Sizing, Finance and Other Critical Case Skills

  • How to Approach a Market Sizing Problem Using 3 Proven Methods
  • Understanding Profitability
  • CAGR, NPV and Other Critical Financial Concepts
  • How to Approach Pricing Problems

Module 4: How to Solve Growth Strategy, M&A and Other Common Case Questions

  • Growth Strategy and the 6 Common Approach You Need to Know
  • How to Approach a Merger and Acquisition Case Question
  • How to Approach a Supply Chain Case Question
  • How to Approach a Human Capital related Case Question

Standing Out in the Behavioral Interview

Module 5: How to Stand Out in the Interview

  • What You Need to Do in Order to Stand Out in the Behavioral Interview
  • How to Demonstrate Your Industry Expertise (Even When You Don't Have Any)
  • The STAR Method for Telling Engaging and Memorable Stories

Getting in the Door

Module 6: Resumes, Cover Letters and Networking Tips to Land an Interview

  • Structuring Your Resume to Highlight the Exact Right Strengths
  • Crafting a Concise Cover Letter that Makes You a No-Brainer
  • Networking Strategies and Tactics to Ensure Your Name is at the Top of the List

Looking for more?


  • Easy to follow guide to landing a job with  top consulting firm straight out of college
  • Examples, tips and common mistakes to avoid
  • Based on collective experience of interviewing and hiring hundreds of applicants
  • Includes access to our exclusive newsletter with proven advice, guidance and exercises