What You'll Learn

Through tailored course content, practical exercises and individualized feedback you'll master the skills required to confidently excel in any consulting interview

Getting in the door

  • Networking tactics to get your name on the top of the interview list
  • How to structure your resume and highlight exactly the right strengths
  • Crafting a concise cover letter that demonstrates why you’re a no-brainer

Nailing the case

  • How to use and customize frameworks to approach any problem

  • Prioritization and how to stay focused during the case

  • Deep dive sessions on market sizing, profitability, growth, and M&A  and other common case study topics

  • Integrating numbers without tripping on the math

  • The 30 second summary that demonstrates credibility and confidence

Standing out

  • How to craft your story to make your experiences ultra-relevant

  • Navigating the “fit” questions you’re guaranteed to hear

  • Post interview questions that will make you stand out




How it works

College2Consulting an interactive on-line course built off a curriculum has been refined through years of seminars at top college campuses and features:

  • 7+ hours of case interview classes and best practices
  • Real life examples that demonstrate exactly what its like to be in the interview
  • Interactive drills and exercises that make case and behavioral questions second nature

  • Performance tracking that enable you to focus on your most critical areas

  • Short, engaging videos that are easy to consume allowing you to understand and internalize one specific subject at a time

Registering provides access to the dedicated classroom site where the entire College2Consulting course is available through self paced learning modules. Every module contains a short series of 5-10 minute videos covering a specific element of the consulting interview process, with real world examples, tips and best practices. Each video is followed by specific exercises and a step by step practice schedule to ensure you build the skills and confidence to nail the interview.

Success Stories

I went through the consulting internship recruitment process as a junior and had no idea what was going on. Had I not [gone through C2C] that summer, I wouldn’t have been able to get any offer.
— Harrison, Marakon Consulting
Because of C2C, I felt much more confident going into my interviews and I did better in the recruitment process as a result.
— Ahmad, Deloitte Consulting
C2C was instrumental in showing me not only the right tools for how to approach, analyze, and conclude a successful case interview, but also how to transfer my current knowledge into effective answers for behavioral-type questions in a way that painted a clear picture of my capabilities.

My confidence grew exponentially after [going through the C2C cirriculum], and I would recommend it to anybody interested in pursuing this career path.
— Jeff, McChrystal Group
They have extensive knowledge about the consulting recruiting process and are very valuable resources throughout the ENTIRE process. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in consulting
— Molly, IBM Global Business Services
I am a pretty stingy person myself, but you will get your money’s worth from this class. This is a good investment.
— Minjay, DaVita
I think the key to doing well in a case interview is confidence in your methods and approach used. Getting tips and feedback from professional consultants helped me build this confidence...I walked into case interviews well prepared to handle any type of case I may encounter.
— Keshav, GEP Consulting
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the course take?

The course is structured to take 7 weeks. Our Classroom and Virtual offers are on a set weekly schedule. In our On-Demand offering, you are free to work through the material at your own pace. You could theoretically complete the course in 7 days, but that is not recommended. 

Do I have to have any prior knowledge of consulting or business?

No, C2C was designed for undergraduate students from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in consulting. It is helpful to have a basic understanding of general business concepts,  but it is not necessary. C2C has been specifically designed to give you the right understanding of key business concepts and consulting experience prior to your interview.

Can I get a job offer without going through C2C?

Of course, however in the hyper competitive market for top tier consulting firm jobs, our students have found C2C gave them an advantage that was well worth the time and effort. In fact, many of our successful students found C2C after failing to receive an offer on their own.

Can you guarantee that I’ll receive a job offer?

Unfortunately, there are too many external factors beyond our control to be able to guarantee an offer. Through our experience, and our students hard work, 100% of our active C2C graduates have received a job offer, but to be clear that cannot guarantee you will. Like other programs, you get out what you put in, if you put the hours into practicing the skills taught in C2C you will be a distinct advantage compared to other students going through the interview process.

Does C2C provide job placement services?

C2C provides training to help you excel in consulting interviews, but does not provide job placement services. We do work very closely with the career placement centers of several Universities to help their students prepare for the interview cycle.

Who are the instructors?

All instructors are current or former management consultants who have worked for major consulting firms and many are former C2C graduates. They have all gone through the interview cycle and successfully received an offer so have the real world experience to mentor you through the process.

Will I receive personal coaching?

Each offering provides a different level of personal feedback, that corresponds with the price. The Classroom offering is a live teacher setting with real-time feedback. Virtual offers response via email and chat sessions. On Demand is fully automated, but 1-on-1 coaching can be arranged for an additional fee if desired. 

My school has a consulting club and offers training, what is different about C2C?

Clubs, books and just talking with friends who are consultants are all excellent ways to learn more about consulting and begin preparing yourself for interviews. However, these sources are just a start. Clubs will generally have alumni come in for a single one-hour session, which is typically that speaker’s only experience teaching consulting interview tactics. C2C, on the other hand, has dedicated professional instructors, years of experience and a proven methodology. 

Still have questions?

Visit our contact page or email us at classes@college2consulting.com 

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